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Originally published on 01/13/2022

Brilliant market launch for “Fred”: The digital assistant from Saarwellingen-based RPA specialist Brain4Data is already being used by two major players – industrial supplier Bekro and logistics company DRS Mail. “We are delighted that we were able to win two renowned and innovative customers in Bekro and DRS right from the start”, says Brain4Data CEO Stefan Rupp-Heitzmann. “This shows that we are on the right track with our digital assistant.” The potential for optimization through digital technologies is far from exhausted, especially in Germany. “In times of a shortage of skilled workers and the energy crisis, companies simply can no longer afford to waste their resources,” says Rupp-Heitzmann. “This is where we come in with our process automation concept.”

At DRS Mail, “Fred” is already doing a great job. “As a logistics company operating throughout Germany, we have to be fast and flexible at all times,” says Martin Swart, CEO of the DRS Logistics Group. Coordinating drivers and assignments takes a lot of time, and changes are often necessary at short notice. “By using the digital assistant, we have been able to significantly optimize these processes and take a huge amount of pressure off our human employees,” says Swart. “We assume that ‘Fred’ has reduced the communication effort and planning work by up to 50 percent.”

“Fred” has also already proven its worth at Bekro. The company supplies base materials for candle production all over the world. “Our industry requires a high degree of coordination with customers – queries are very frequent,” says Dominik Illger, CEO at Bekro. “They involve a lot of phone calls and research.” The digital assistant “Fred” has not only considerably simplified communication with customers, but also within the company. It currently identifies and automatically communicates over 1,000 business events per month to the responsible employees and customers in Germany, China and the USA. “This has significantly reduced the coordination effort between different departments,” says Illger.

"Fred", your digital assistant:

“Fred” is an artificial intelligence system developed by Brain4Data that independently processes, filters and organizes the data available in a company. Based on this, “Fred” generates information that is made available to employees and managers in an automated and comprehensible way – and only when it is needed. “Fred” also independently identifies potential problems and provides tailored recommendations for action. He works across departments and thus links all relevant information – for example from sales, accounting and HR. To achieve this, “Fred” is able to process data from all common programs such as Excel or SAP applications. Therefore, no employee has to familiarize themselves with new software.

About Brain4Data:

Brain4Data GmbH & Co KG is a consulting company and solution provider for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Augmented Intelligence (AI) based in Saarwellingen. We analyze communication and work processes in companies. Based on this, we identify automation opportunities to support a streamlined work and communication flow. We also offer the digital assistant “Fred”, who helps to automate processes and simplify workflows.

About Bekro:

The industrial supplier Bekro Chemie GmbH & Co. KG has been producing candle dyes for over 50 years and is the European market leader in this field. Bekro has its headquarters in Überherrn and employs people in Germany, Asia and the USA.

About drs Mail:

As the drs Logistics Group’s reference company, drs Mail can look back on more than 25 years of experience in the field of postal and logistics services. drs Mail now supplies around 4,000 customers at 30 locations in the Rhine-Ruhr and Rhine-Main metropolitan regions as well as in the greater Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Nuremberg and Hanover areas. Around 550 drivers are on the road for drs Mail every day.

Your contact

David Woirgardt-Seel

Chief Knowledge Officer Brain4Data

Phone:     +49 6838 50209-63
Email:      david.seel(at)


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