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Augmented Intelligence in the Processing Sector

The industry is currently facing huge challenges. Although advancing digitization offers enormous opportunities, these are often not or only partially utilized: even large players still frequently use isolated Excel spreadsheets in production and sales. This lack of connectivity within and outside the company results in massive personnel and communication costs – error rates and costs increase, competitive opportunities decrease.

The Jack of all Trades for the Industry

This is exactly where “Fred”, the digital assistant from Brain4Data, comes in. He allows cross-departmental work, reduces unnecessary (internal or external) communication and facilitates both planning and monitoring in production as well as sales. “Fred” has a modular structure, providing users with a streamlined tool that offers precisely the range of functions they need. These components, which can be combined as required, are of particular interest to the manufacturing industry:

Everything at a glance: The Search and Notification Function

“Fred” can collate, process and link existing data within the company from a wide variety of sources. The digital assistant compiles information about customers, suppliers, invoices or orders and provides a structured overview. Authorized employees can access this data from anywhere in the world via a browser-based platform. Thanks to extensive search and filter functions, your employees can find the information they need across departments in a matter of seconds.

“Fred” also warns automatically about important business events and provides tailor-made advice. Users decide for themselves who is notified about what. If desired, “Fred” can also inform customers automatically, for example if a delivery is delayed.

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Fast and efficient: Workforce Scheduling

With the digital assistant users can create shift plans in the blink of an eye, which “Fred” automatically checks for plausibility. He takes into account the current personnel situation (e.g. vacation and sick leave) as well as hourly and wage quotas. This can be done for your own employees as well as for subcontractors.

If spontaneous changes become necessary, for example if an employee calls in sick at short notice, “Fred” notifies the relevant dispatchers by email. The digital assistant then automatically provides suggestions so that existing schedules can be adjusted in a matter of seconds.

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Always up to date: The Tracking Function

“Fred” can gather and process sensor data from a wide variety of sources. This makes it easy to monitor parameters such as temperature, pressure or humidity during storage or transportation of goods. The digital assistant also records the route taken, including time stamps. This allows you to track every route in detail – so you are always protected in the event of damage.

“Fred” also warns you automatically and in real time about critical incidents, such as when temperatures are exceeded during transportation or storage.

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In the Case Studies & Use Cases section we present some of the opportunities offered by “Fred” using real-life examples. The most important abilities of “Fred” are briefly outlined in explanatory videos.

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