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Scoring of Construction Objects with the Digital Assistant "Fred"

This video shows a few examples of how the digital assistant “Fred” evaluates building objects:

A costly and complex process

Tracking and valuing construction objects is one of the most important and complicated challenges the industry is facing. The objects must first be retrieved from various sources, manually imported into the company’s own database and then objectively evaluated. The more employees are involved, the more opinions vary. Ultimately, this means that the assessment results are barely comparable.

Augmented Intelligence provides the solution

Our digital assistant “Fred” is here to help: He compiles construction objects from various tender portals and evaluates them based on objective criteria that you define yourself beforehand. For example, you can assign specific scores to numerical values (e.g. investment sums) or keywords. “Fred” not only evaluates the properties in a standardized manner, but also does so very quickly: the digital assistant takes less than three seconds to compile and evaluate 100 construction properties.

"Fred" scores


Construction objects

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More than just scoring

The digital assistant also provides extensive information on each construction object. For example, the location, which you can also visualize using an integrated map function, or the companies involved in construction. A proximity search prevents duplicates from slipping into your system, for instance because the same construction object has been retrieved from different sources.

“Fred” can be easily integrated into your existing working processes: The structured lists created by the digital assistant can be uploaded directly to your company’s CRM system, sent by email or exported as Excel documents. This means that you and your employees are perfectly connected, even without time-consuming meetings, and can concentrate on the most interesting objects.

No training needed

The digital assistant “Fred” compiles information from very different sources (e.g. tender portals, HR and accounting, merchandise management, Excel, SAP, etc.). This means that every employee can continue working with their familiar programs. The existing IT infrastructure within the company remains untouched. No change management or expensive additional hardware is required.

As with all the functions that “Fred” offers, our augmented intelligence principle also applies here: the digital assistant does not decide over the heads of those involved; he just provides them with the information they need to make an informed decision. Ultimately, however, it is always the human being who makes these final calls!

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