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Augmented Intelligence in Construction

Construction companies are currently facing special challenges. Although advancing digitization offers enormous opportunities, they are often not or only partially utilized: even large players still use isolated Excel spreadsheets in a lot of cases. This lack of connectivity within and outside the company entails a huge amount of personnel and communication effort – error rates and costs increase, competitive opportunities decrease.

The multi-purpose Construction Tool:

This is exactly where “Fred”, the digital assistant from Brain4Data, comes in. He allows for cross-departmental work, reduces unnecessary (internal or external) communication and facilitates planning and monitoring of goods transportation as well as commercial activities. “Fred” has a modular structure, giving users a streamlined tool that offers exactly the range of functions they need. These components, which can be combined as required, are of particular interest to construction companies:

Everything at a glance: The Search and Notification Function

“Fred” can collate, process and link existing data in the company from a wide variety of sources. The digital assistant compiles information about customers, suppliers, invoices or orders and lists it in a structured manner. Authorized employees can access this data from anywhere in the world via a browser-based platform. Thanks to extensive search and filter functions, your employees can find the information they need for their work across departments in a matter of seconds.

Fred” also provides automatic alerts for important business events and delivers tailored recommendations for action. Users decide for themselves who is notified about which events. If desired, “Fred” can also automatically alert customers, for example if a construction phase is delayed.

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Fast and efficient: Workforce Scheduling

With the digital assistant, users can create schedules in the blink of an eye, which “Fred” automatically checks for plausibility. He takes into account the current personnel situation (e.g. vacation and sick leave) as well as hourly and wage quotas. This works both for the company’s own employees and for subcontractors.

If spontaneous changes become necessary, for example if an employee calls in sick at short notice, “Fred” informs the relevant dispatchers by e-mail. The digital assistant then automatically provides suggestions so that the existing schedules can be adjusted in a matter of seconds.

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Transparency and comparability: Scoring of Building Objects

“Fred’s” built-in scoring system is the perfect tool for the neutral assessment of construction properties. The digital assistant fetches them from various portals and evaluates them independently according to objective criteria that you define in advance. These could include keywords, metrics and much more. This allows you to make informed calculations and concentrate on the properties that promise the highest profit margin.

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In the Case Studies & Use Cases section we present some of the opportunities offered by “Fred” using real-life examples. The most important abilities of “Fred” are briefly outlined in explanatory videos.

Alternatively, you can arrange a consultation appointment directly:

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